The Case for the Wage Gap

There sits a room of shadowed men, manically cackling to one another:

“Haha! Let us pay Jennifer 83 cents to every dollar John makes! Long live sexism!”

Of course, that’s just the airy fantasy that “anti-feminists” claim feminists are perpetuating. But we all know it doesn’t happen like that. In fact, it’s illegal . So, where does all this controversy come? Are women really paid less than men? The short answer… it’s complicated.

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The Case for Affirmative Action

Affirmative action seems to be a divisive issue among… everyone. People consider race influenced decision making to be “reverse racism”, because it benefits minorities over whites. Others have taken the moral high ground and pledged “It’s not reverse racism, it’s just racism.”

And before we get into the semantics of what racism is, and how its institutional based oppression that white people can never experience, let’s talk about affirmative action first.

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The Case for Non-Binary Genders

Life in contemporary society is never so mundane enough to be black and white. The most critical and intelligent throughout history have always acknowledged the exceptions and nuances to their perspectives. Without this open mindedness to perspective, we become less intelligent and well rounded.

When I hear people have discussions about gender, however, even the self-proclaimed skeptics proclaim that it’s a black and white issue.

“There are only two genders! Science says so.”

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A Study in Queerbaiting (Or How Sherlock Got it All Wrong)

Mark Gatiss, co-creator of BBC’s Sherlock, says that his biggest inspiration for making the show Sherlock was a movie called The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes. He’s called it his favorite film, and praises it endlessly. In an interview with the magazine Gay Times, he said:

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